Matriark Foods: Supporting New York Farms and Nourishing New Yorkers

We are very excited to introduce our Vegetable Harvest Stew from Matriark Foods, made using New York State Grown and Certified products!

This Vegetable Harvest Stew is made with navy beans grown by Callan Farms in Caledonia, sweet potatoes grown by Rolling Acres in Interlaken, and carrots processed by Nortera Foods in Bergen, as well as kale, rice and upcycled vegetable broth. The product is sourced from small and mid-scale farms part of the Headwater Food Hub's roster, keeping the supply chain within a 150-mile radius. Every purchase of the Vegetable Harvest Stew supports farmers and provides a healthy meal to people in need. 

Matriark Foods is passionate about creating better, planet-first food systems that address the hunger crisis. The founder, Anna Hammond, has always cared about social justice and public service. She has been interviewed by Work For Climate, the Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center, and Chef's Roll on her work to fix America's food waste problem.

Matriark Foods creates access to healthy food from excess produce by upcycling, or transforming unwanted food products into better-quality products. Matriark takes surplus foods from farms and converts them into shelf-stable stew ans sauces, reducing food waste and the product's impact on the environment. Since over 50% of the stew's ingredients are grown on farms in New York, the stew is eligible for the Nourish New York Initiative. Through Nourish New York, emergency food providers for food-insecure people can purchase surplus products from New York farmers and dairy manufacturers. This provides a new market for farmers to sell their products and helps nourish families in need. 

The Vegetable Harvest Stew is sold to food pantries and food banks, providing food insecure communities with a healthier alternative to most food options in food banks. Other Matriark retail products are available through Imperfect Foods, an online grocery delivery service with a mission to reduce food waste.

Try the Vegetable Harvest Stew today to support the climate and New York farmers!