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Oil, Sunflower

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We grow and produce oil from our farm as well as using seeds sourced from our growing partners in the Hudson Valley area. We have found this process to be a perfect circle and have come together with the Giles family and Walbridge Farms who grow sunflowers for us. As the crops are harvested and the seeds are transported to be pressed, the byproduct of producing the oil is a near perfect protein and healthier overall option for farmers to feed their livestock. In turn, this new feed creates a healthier animal and a better product for the farmers to sell. We have found that this relationship has strengthened the bond between many of our local farmers.


By using a cold press process we are preserving the integrity and health benefits of the oil. The oil is high in monounsaturated fats, Vitamin E and Omega 9. It has a smoke point of 387 degrees (recommend cooking at 325) allowing it to be used for saute, deep frying, and baking.  The flavor is light and nutty adding depth to your food. Excellent for dressings, dips and popping popcorn. 375 ml

With its high Vitamin E the oil can be used in soaps and lotions. Also an excellent source for oil pulling. This product is Kosher Certified as well as certified by the Non-GMO Project.