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Wood, Nut Cracker

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Here is a solid nutcracker to take on you toughest nuts. From walnuts which fit easily within the cup like cracker to a second cracker on the outside for your smaller nuts. With approximately 4 1/4” – 4 3/8 long handles to assist in the cracking of your nut. This one will stand out from all the others, for it is meant to crack nuts. It’s solid and heavy metal cracker, accented with wood turned handles. No 2 handles are the same.


The overall approximate length of the cracker is 7 1/2”, the cup opening is approximate 1 3/4” wide, the handle spread varies with the design but is approximately 3” from center to center of each handle.


The wood handles are made from solid white oak. They are then finished with a couple coats of shellac, followed by a wax.