Celebrating NY Apples at Todd Hill

Did you know that New York is the second largest apple producing state in the country (after Washington)? 

If you are looking for something fun to do during apple harvest season, visit a New York apple orchard to pick your own apples! Check out this map here to find a You-Pick location near you. 

Stop by our store to support our vendors that sell New York grown apple products!


Liberty Orchards, Highland, NY

Liberty Orchards is a first generation farm that provides our store with apples, apple crisps, apple cider, and apple pie. Liberty works with Cornell's research farm, Hudson Valley Lab and uses Cornell tools to monitor pest and disease threats on the farm to inform their orchard management practices. While Liberty doesn't have a U-Pick operation, you can support this first generation farm by buying their cider, apple pies, apples, jams, and more in our store!

U-Pick Locations

Fishkill Farms, East Fishkill, NY

Fishkill Farms has been in the Morgenthau family for over 100 years. They grow organic vegetables and eco-certified fruit on their 270 acre farm year-round and sell produce through Community Supported Agriculture and their farm store. Fishkill Farms uses ecological farming practices that reduce pesticide use and fossil fuels to improve the health of the farm and makes the fruit taste better! Visit Fishkill Farms' at https://www.fishkillfarms.com to learn more and reserve a spot to pick your own apples.

Photo Courtesy of Fishkill Farms Facebook Page

Barton Orchards, Poughquag, NY

Barton Orchards, a 175 acre apple orchard and vegetable farm has been growing for over 40 years. They have a Farm Market, Ice Cream Stand, and Tap Room. There is a playground dog park, and place to visit the farm animals. They also throw festivals throughout the year. Visit Barton Orchards at https://www.bartonorchards.com/about-barton-orchards/.

Photo courtesy of Barton Orchards' website.

DuBois Farm, Milton, NY

DuBois Farm, like Liberty Orchards, is a first generation farm in the Hudson Valley. The farm, which is about 69 acres, grows fruit trees, vegetables, strawberries, pumpkins, Christmas trees, and more! There is a Farm Market, Tavern, Café, Bakery, Pizzeria, Ice Cream Shop, and corn maze. Visit DuBois Farm at https://duboisfarms.com/.   

Photo Courtesy of DuBois Farm on Facebook

Jenkins-Luekens Orchard, New Paltz, NY 

Jenkins-Luekens Orchard has over 500 apples trees and over 20 varieties of apples. They have been growing fruits for over 50 years. There is a farm stand that sells fruits, vegetables, Cider, baked goods and more. Visit Jenkins-Leukens Orchard at https://www.jlorchards.com/.

Photo courtesy of jlorchards on instagram

Greig Farm, Red Hook, NY

The Greig Farm has been in operation since 1942 and offers 11 different varieties of apples and over 20 varieties of pumpkins. The farm has expanded over the years to over 300 acres. It originally had dairy cattle but the economics of small scale dairy caused the dairy operation to stop in 1998. Since then, the farm created opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs to open their business at the farm. One of its goals is to share the experience of agriculture with the pick your own operation. Most recently, the farmers plan to advance Greig Farm's sustainable agricultural practices, such as with circular agriculture, the idea that farm waste can be used as an input somewhere else in the farm. Some of their other sustainable practices include cover cropping, crop rotation, reducing soil disturbance, minimizing inorganic inputs, and reducing fossil fuel dependence. 

At the farm, there is a farm market, café, and taproom. Check them out here!

Photo Courtesy of website

Hurds Family Farm, Modena, NY 

Hurds Family Farm offers hayrides, corn mazes, and experiences for the whole family at their 7th generation family owned farm. In addition to apples, they grow Christmas trees, pumpkins, vegetables, and a pollinator garden. Their mission is to provide a fun and memorable farm experience. Visit Hurds Family Farm at https://www.hurdsfamilyfarm.com/.

Photo courtesy of website. 

Lawrence Farms Orchard, Newburgh, NY 

Lawrence Farms has a variety of fruits and vegetables to pick from at their family owned farm. In operation for over 30 years, Lawrence Farms offers a diversity of crops - apples, pears, grapes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, kale, beans, corn, zucchini, squash, cabbage, turnips, mustard greens, beet greens, spinach, and pumpkins. They have chickens, goats, and a "Little Village" with a hay bale maze, ice cream, doughnuts, and more. Visit Lawrence Farms Orchard at http://lawrencefarmsorchards.org.

Photo courtesy of website

Mead Orchards, Tivoli, NY 

Mead Orchards have been providing fruits and vegetables for over 100 years. They grow Eco Apples and Eco Peaches and are certified by the IPM institute of North America. (IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management. Want to learn more about this practice? Check out https://nysipm.cornell.edu/about/defining-ipm/). On 100 acres, they grow a variety of fruits, and specialize in apples. Visit Mead Orchards at https://www.meadorchards.com.

Photo Courtesy of website

Rose Hill Farms, Red Hook, NY 

Established in 1798, Rose Hill Farm is about 114 acres that offers cherries, blueberries, plums, apricots, nectarines, peaches and apples. They focus on agricultural practices that improve plant and soil health. Rose Hill practices holistic care of the farm ecosystem, building organic matter  and beneficial microorganisms in the soil and and promoting a fungal understory to help provide nutrients for the trees. Holistic care looks at the health of the orchards as a whole. They have a goal of becoming certified organic. The Farm also has a winery brand, Rose Hill, and a taproom. Visit Rose Hill Farm at http://www.pickrosehillfarm.com/.

Photo courtesy of rosehillfarm_ny instagram

Wilklow Orchard, Highland, NY

Wilklow Orchards has been in production for 6 generations. As a family farm, they care about the sustainability of the farmland for future generations. Wilklow grows about 100 acres of fruits and 15 acres of vegetables, using Integrated Pest Management to prevent pests and disease while minimizing spraying. Visit Wilklow Orchard at https://www.wilkloworchards.com/.


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