About Us


The Taste NY at Todd Hill Market was opened in June 2014.  The Todd Hill market is set within a historic building that dates back to the 1940s, and originally operated as a gas station for motorists traveling on the scenic Taconic Parkway.  After the site was dormant for several decades, it was rehabilitated through agency collaboration under the leadership of The Governor, New York State's Department of Agriculture & Markets, Department of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation, Department of Transportation, Empire State Development, the Office of General Services, and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Dutchess County revived the Cape-style building and a budding business was born.  The Taste NY initiative was set forth to promote agri-tourism across the state, featuring quality agricultural products that are unique to each region. Taste NY at Todd Hill is operated by the Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County.

The Taste NY Market at Todd Hill is an exciting destination and an opportunity to enjoy locally produced agricultural products!

Taste NY Todd Hill invites you to experience a unique culinary adventure at our specialty grocery store, nestled within the charming Todd Hill Service Station along the scenic Taconic State Parkway, just one mile south of Route 55. As a proud participant in the statewide Taste NY program, we are dedicated to promoting agri-tourism and showcasing the finest agricultural products distinctive to each region of New York.

Whether you're a passing motorist in need of a delicious pit stop or a local resident searching for high-quality ingredients for your home-cooked meals, Todd Hill has you covered. Our Market not only caters to commuters and residents but also serves as a vibrant showcase for local farms and skilled craft vendors, featuring a curated selection of exceptional products. Outside during Holiday Weekends from May through October Todd Hill offers a Maker's Market with local craft, farm, and textile vendors.

Operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County (CCEDC), we work hand in hand with local farmers, fostering new business growth throughout the area. Every item in our Market is thoughtfully sourced from New York farms, restaurants, and small businesses, ensuring that you not only enjoy fantastic flavors but also support the local food community.

Come join us at Taste NY Todd Hill, where passion meets quality, and every purchase is a celebration of New York's rich agricultural heritage.

Inside the year-round market, locally produced products include milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, juice, ice cream, pastries, granola, and apple cider. Pantry items include maple syrup, honey, jam, fruit sauces, pickles, salsa, and tomato sauce. Frozen products include farm-raised beef, lamb, pork, and poultry items. Artisanal inventory changes periodically.

Outside, seasonally, an Outdoor Market will open on Holiday Weekends, May through October, to provide a variety of other farm, craft, and textile products.

The Market is operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County through a grant from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. The state’s Taste NY program is opening up new markets for local farmers, beverage producers and other merchants.