Celebrating Ice Cream Month with Del's Farmhouse Creamery!

We are excited to introduce our newest ice cream vendor—Del's Farmhouse Creamery!


Del's Dairy Farm is a 300-acre farm located in Red Hook, NY. The farm allows cows to enjoy pasture and get milked when they want to, providing a healthy environment to raise healthy cows. Del's believes that happy, healthy cows produce fresh milk and amazing ice cream! 

Not only does Del's make great ice cream, they also have a roadside eatery in Rhinebeck and Kinderhook where you can enjoy ice cream, food, beverages, and live bands on music nights. 

You can learn more about Del's at delsdairyfarm.com

Try our scoop ice cream flavors in the store at Todd Hill, which include:
Lavender Honey Blueberry
Cookies & Cream
Dutch Chocolate
and more!

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