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The beloved concord grape, grown in North America since the 1800s, has a highly aromatic, tangy, and sweet flavor. It was developed in 1849 in Concord, Massachusetts from wild seedlings, and brought to western New York in the 1870s. Today, Concord grapes are New York's most widely grown grape and are an important part of the agricultural economy in New York. The chemical compound that gives concord grapes their distinct taste is used in the food industry to artificially flavor beverages and candy. 

Concord grapes pair well with rich and creamy desserts, nuts, herbs, cheeses, and meats. 

New York is second in the nation for Concord grape production, with the Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt being among one of the oldest and largest Concord grape growing regions in the world.  The region's fertile soil is ideal for healthy grape production. Growers in the Concord Grape Belt produce 150,000 tons or more of Concord grapes each year.

Concord grapes are also grown in Long Island, The Finger Lakes, and in the Hudson River Region.

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Fulkerson Winery is one of the many concord grape growing vineyards located in the Finger Lakes. Fulkerson Winery & Farm has been growing grapes since the 1830s. In 1979, Fulkerson started selling grape juice to winemakers, including many home winemakers. The farm today has 110 acres of grapes and also grows cherries, apples, asparagus and blueberries. 

We now carry Fulkerson's 100% Concord Grape juice!

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We also carry Concord Grape Jam from Beth's Farm Kitchen in Chatham, NY. This jam is made using grapes from the Finger Lake Region and pairs well with nut butter, toast, yogurt, and cheeses like Brie, Boursin, Mascarpone or Triple Crème cheese. 

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