Introducing A2 Dairy

So What's A2 dairy? 

A2 is a variant of beta-casein, which is one of the proteins in milk. Most of the milk you find in the grocery store contains A1 beta-casein, which tends to be harder to digest for certain people. The type of beta-casein in milk is determined by the genetics of the cow. Cows can be bred to produce A2 proteins. Some studies suggest that A2 milk can have positive health effects. Consuming A2 milk is becoming more popular among people that want to enjoy the benefits of dairy but have sensitivities to A1 beta-casein. 

Family Farmstead Dairy ensures its milk only contains A2 proteins by sourcing its milk from farms that test every cow! The cows are 100% Grass-Fed and the farm uses organic farming methods. 

We carry A2 Milk from Family Farmstead Dairy, located in Worcester, NY.

In addition to Family Farmstead Dairy, Old Chatham Creamery also produces 100% A2 beta-casein dairy. The cows are raised in Genoa, NY and the milk is processed in Groton, NY We carry their A2 cow yogurt in addition to sheep yogurts.


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