June is Dairy Month!

June is Dairy Month! This month, all Taste NY locations will be promoting our amazing dairy producers and sharing facts about the New York State Dairy Industry.

Did you know...

  • New York is the #1 producer of yogurt, cottage cheese and cream in the United States, and the 3rd leading producer of milk and butter in the nation.
  • 50,000+ jobs in New York are supported by the dairy industry. 
  • Dairy makes up over 50% or $2.6 billion of all agricultural sales in New York State.

Read on to learn about Todd Hill Dairy vendors!

Dairy Producers 

Old Chatham Creamery, Groton, NY

Old Chatham Creamery makes certified non-GMO sheep, goat, and cow milk into yogurts and award-winning cheeses. We carry the award-winning camembert, sheep's milk yogurt, and A2 cow's milk yogurt.

A2 Yogurt is made with whole cow milk that contains 100% A2 protein, which "may be easier to digest and may be more beneficial for long-term health". This yogurt contains beneficial probiotics and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. 

Chaseholm Farms, Pine Plains, NY

One of the only farmstead creameries in NY, Chaseholm Farm Creamery makes cheeses from the milk produced right on the farm. Chaseholm Farm is 3rd generation dairy farm that produces 100% grass-fed organic dairy. Chaseholm practices sustainable agriculture by focusing on improving soil microbial health, so that soil can support healthy plants that can be grazed by cows. We carry a variety of Chaseholm cheese at Todd Hill! You can also visit the Farm during the summer or visit the Farm store from 8am-8pm daily at 115 Chase Rd, Pine Plains, NY.

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy, Ancramdale, NY

We carry Ronnybrook ice cream, drinkable yogurt, and milk. Dubbed “The Dom Perigon of Dairy” by the New York Times, Ronnybrook Farm uses only natural, premium ingredients, and makes all of their products the “old fashioned way” with intense care. Ronnybrook Dairy is committed to providing a local source of fresh and minimally processed dairy products while prioritizing the humane treatment of animals.

Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy, Poughkeepsie, NY

This milk is sourced from Hudson Valley farms that exceed all standards for excellence in milk quality. Some of the 10 family-owned and operated herds in the Hudson Valley Fresh family have placed in the top six in the United States for quality, protein, butterfat, and vitamin and Omega 3 content, all naturally and without supplements.

Hudson Valley Fresh, a NY Grown and Certified producer, processes milk products in Kingston, New York, and delivers from farm to store in 3 days. The milk does not need to be ultra-pasteurized. The whole milk contains 4+% butterfat.

Here are our other vendors that provide our store with amazing dairy products!

Jane's Ice Cream, Kingston, NY

Our scoop ice cream comes from Jane's Ice Cream in Kingston, NY. Jane's makes small-batch ice cream using milk and cream from New York State from cows raised without synthetic hormones. Jane's uses the best chocolate, real fruit, and pure vanilla to make their ice cream!

Perry's Ice Cream, Akron, NY

Perry's has been making ice cream for over 100 years and has an abundance of flavors. We carry ice cream bars and sandwiches from Perry's Ice Cream.

Adirondack Creamery, Kingston, NY

Adirondack Creamery is a family-owned business making ice cream using simple recognizable ingredients. The fresh milk and cream used is free of rBst (artificial growth hormones) and is sourced from nearby small family farms. We carry various flavors of Adirondack's ice cream in pint sizes. Try vanilla, mint chip, pistachio, and more! 

McGrath Cheese Company, Hudson, NY

McGrath Cheese Company is an artisan producer located in New York’s Hudson Valley. They hand-craft every batch of cheese using only the best milk available from small local dairies. McGrath places the highest value in the relationships they have with farmers as they are the backbone to the cheese's success. The craft of making artisan cheese is an age-old tradition that McGrath strives to pay homage to with every batch they make. Read our blog post here about visiting McGrath Cheese Company.


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