New Products this June and July

Check out the new products we brought in June and July!

Raaka Chocolate, Brooklyn, NY

I'm very excited to announce we now carry Raaka chocolate! Raaka, like Fruition Chocolate Works, makes their chocolate from scratch (processing the cacao bean into a chocolate bar) in one facility. However, unlike Fruition, Raaka does not roast their cacao beans. This is because Raaka wants to maintain the fruity flavor profile of the cacao seed, a unique taste which most chocolate makers roast away to create the classic chocolatey notes we are familiar with. 

Raaka focuses on sourcing cacao using a transparent trade model, which means they purchase directly from cooperative and grower centered organizations that focus on cacao quality and paying high prices to farmers.

Raaka has further information on their website about their chocolate quality and also posts chocolate recipes on their blog!

Martin's Handmade Pretzels, Moira, NY

Martin's Pretzels has been making handmade Pennsylvania Dutch style pretzels since the 1930s. The bakers hand-roll and hand-twist every pretzel, which get boiled in water and soda and then baked in a hearth. Try our whole salted pretzels or flavored pretzel pieces!

Fruition Chocolate Works, Shokan, NY

We brought in Fruition Chocolate's Peru Collection featuring chocolate from Fruition's favorite cacao origins in Peru: Piura, Cuzco, and Cajamarca. There are 3 dark chocolate bars and one dark milk chocolate bars made of a blend of the three beans.

Hudson Valley Cheese Company

We brought in a new cheddar from Hudson Valley cheese company. Our traditional cheddar has been aged for 18 months and is made with grass-fed milk.

Sparkling Apple Cider from Mead Orchards, Tivoli, NY

 This Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider comes in a 4 pack made with apples from Mead Orchards, a 100 acre farm in Tivoli, that has been growing fresh fruits and vegetables for over 100 years. They also have a U-pick operation to pick your own fruits!

Beef Sticks from Acabonac Farms, Yaphank, NY

Acabonac Farms is a grass finished, regenerative cattle ranch located on Long Island and have been proudly serving the citizens of New York for over 6 years. They produce a range of frozen steaks, sausages, burger patties and shelf stable beef sticks all from our grass finished cattle. We're now selling an 8 pack of 1oz each beef sticks!

NY Strip Steaks from Sleeping Lion Farm, Cooperstown, NY

Sleeping Lion Farm, located in Otsego County, just north of Cooperstown, NY raises 100% grass fed and finished beef. Their herd consists of 50 cattle, including Herefords, Red Angus, and Angus crosses. They use intensive rotational grazing, which means cattle are moved to new pastures daily. In the winter, cattle are fed hay from the farm. We are now carrying NY Strip steaks from Sleeping Lion Farm! You can also have cuts of beef delivered straight to your door by ordering from

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