New Products this April

This month we brought in a lot of new snacks, including staff requested apple chips!

 Virginia Janes' Homestead, Long Island, NY

This month we brought in jams from Virginia Jane's.

A Hudson Valley native, Virginia Lawther has always shared her passion for crafting and creating. Often referred to as "Laura Ingalls with modern appliances", Virginia found her calling through her popular dishes in the kitchen. 

Virginia Jane’s Homestead uses creative inspirations to cook up exciting flavors from her favorite farms in the tri-state area. Relocated to Long Island, the Homestead blends traditional and modern techniques, using seasonal produce from the peak of the season. They strive to be low-waste and support sustainable farming practices. They are mindful of resources in every step of their process and purchases. Their mission is to bring creative flavors to your palate.

Check out her recipe section on the website and follow her on Instagram @virginiajaneshomestead.


Horseshoe Brand, Rhinebeck, NY

Korean Ginger Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is made with ImmuneSchein's Organic Ginger and Classic Ginger elixir. It includes a blend of gochujang (sweet red chili paste), doenjang (fermented soybean paste), and shiitake mushrooms for a bright umami flavor. 

Image courtesy of website

Dak Bar, Essex, NY

Dak Bar is a whole food energy bar handcrafted in the Adirondacks. It is made with nutrient dense ingredients with distinct flavors. Dak bar uses real food that is as close to nature as possible. These bars are high in protein, contain natural sweeteners and healthy fats, and provide sustained energy. They are great for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and as snacks on the go! 

Chewma, Calverton, NY

Chewma makes artisanal small batch Protein Bites that are a perfect healthy grain-free and gluten free snack. They are a great alternative to chips with enough protein to keep you satisfied. 

Try the Tomato Basil crackers for a vegan taste of grilled tomato soup!


Hudson Valley Apple Project, Ancram, NY

The Apple Chips from Hudson Valley Apple Project come from a small test orchard, started in 2012 on an alfalfa field that was once a dairy farm. Today, with over 150 varieties of apples, it is considered an Edible Museum of Apples, as the owners seek to add new varieties to the collection. 

Mini ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs!

ImmuneSchein elixirs are health tonics that have a variety of uses and health benefits. Use it to heal faster from colds, boost energy and immunity, and improve digestion. If you want to try this elixir without buying the 8.5oz bottle, this 2oz size has 2 servings and is perfect for tasting.

Learn more about the powerful health benefits of turmeric and ginger and find recipes to use it in here!


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