New Products this March

Check out new products we brought in March, including granolas, coconut chips, traditional style kimchi, ground coffee, and pasta!

Our Daily Eats, Albany, NY

Our Daily Eats products nuts, seeds, and granolas in the Hudson Valley. Their Oh, Honey! Granola and all of their nuts and seeds are gluten free. 

Clermont Coffee Roasters, Germantown, NY

This coffee company sources coffee sustainably from small producers or coops. They focus on producers that have regenerative agricultural practices and support the local economy. The use 100% Arabica beans. Learn more about each coffee origin here. The following information is taken from their website,


This Arabica coffee is from the Brunca region of Costa Rica. It is highly appreciated not only because of its perfect aspect, but also for its sweet flavor. A well-balanced cup with mild acidity, exquisite chocolate fragrances, sweetness and tropical fruits soft and round.

Cupping notes: Sweet, Chocolate, Melon and Orange notes. A complex coffee with bright acidity and medium body

Organic Fair Trade.


In Takengon, Indonesia, 345 farmers in 4 villages began growing coffee in 2012 and formed the Kopsen PKG coop in 2016. They have 587 hectares of coffee plantations and capacity to produce around 410 metric tons ready to export coffee annually. Kopsen PKG has worked to improve productivity and quality by distributing seeds, providing training, and building a processing unit facility.

The coop is Fairtrade, and Organic (USDA-NOP & EU) certified.

Cupping Notes: Medium Acidity, Heavy Body, Brown Sugar, Dried Fruit, Tobacco, Lingering finish



Small, independent, farms account for about 90% of Tanzania’s coffee production. Many farms have been damaged by large populations of buffalo and elephants. As a result, estate owners and farmers have spent a great deal of time in the last decade building game channels on their farms to allow large animals to safely pass through without interfering with coffee production.

Kitamu means “sweet” in Swahili, and is used to describe a delicious taste, like this coffee, which is grown in the District of Karatu. Due to its proximity to the nearby volcanic Ngorongoro Crater, the area’s mineral-rich volcanic soil and shade provided by tall banana trees create ideal conditions for growing arabica coffee.

Cupping Notes: Cocoa, Brown Spice and Stone Fruit, with a Medium Acidity, Full Body, Tangerine and Bright

T Salon, Kingston, NY

T Salon is a woman owned tea business. Miriam Novalle, the founder, believes in sharing the healing power of tea and educating consumers on the art of tea. T Salon produces high quality gourmet blends of sustainable and organic teas. Her tea bags are made with potato starch, a sustainable and healthier alternative to most commercial tea bags which often contain microplastics. 

T Salon teas come in loose leaf tins or bags of individual tea bags. T Salon has an assortment of teas for any time of day, occasion, or lifestyle. Stay healthy with the Balance and Immunity blends, and wake up to the Good Morning blend. 

Loose leaf tins. Bottom row of tins features art from Hudson Valley artists from T Salon's 2022 Art Tea Collection. A percentage of the cost of each tin is given to each artist. 

18 count tea bags.

Learn more about T Salon here!

Barrel & Brine Classic Kimchi, Buffalo, NY

This Classic Kimchi is prepared traditionally with Napa cabbage, carrot, daikon radish, scallion, ginger, garlic, red chili flake, sea salt, and fish sauce (anchovies, salt). 

Add it to fried rice, dumplings, noodles, or sandwiches. 

Sfoglini Pasta, Coxsackie, NY

This month brought in new pasta shapes and flavors. Our most notable is a new pasta shape! 

Cascatelli is a new pasta shape created by Dan Pashman, creator and host of The Sporkful food podcast. This amazing shape maximizes the ability of the sauce to stick to the pasta, the ease at which the pasta stays on your fork, and the satisfaction of sticking your teeth into the pasta. Read more here.

Also try our Trumpets and Beet Fusilli!

"Sfoglini’s Beet Fusilli combines fresh cold-pressed beet juice with organic durum semolina to create a wealth of earthly flavor you’re sure to enjoy. Try it with some roasted beets and ricotta salata for a wonderful treat." Source

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