New Products this September

Check out the new products we brought into the store in September! 

Chip N' Dipped Hot Cocoa bombs, Long Island

We have Chip'n Dipped chocolate bars, now try their hot cocoa bombs! Hot cocoa bombs are hot chocolate in a ball. These are handmade with 63% Dark Chocolate. Just add 12oz of hot milk of your choice to ignite the bomb in an explosion of a special blend of Dandies Mini Marshmallows. Certified kosher and Vegan Friendly. 

Stay tuned for new flavors from Chip n' dipped arriving soon like campfire marshmallow and dark chocolate raspberry. 

Hodgins Harvest Mushroom Risotto, Blauvelt

Hodgins Harvest Mushrooms are back in stock and we brought in a new product, their Mushroom Risotto. Hodgins Harvest is a certified organic mushroom farm located in Rockland County, NY. Hodgins Harvest strives to help customers grow their own mushrooms at home and experience the myriad flavors and textures of wood grown mushrooms. 

Their Risotto kits are made with 3 different types of certified organic mushrooms grown on the Hodgins Harvest farm and are packed with umami flavor. Just sauté the contents of the package in butter/oil, add white wine and water, then bake for 30-37 minutes.

What types of mushrooms does Hodgins Harvest grow?


These mushrooms have a mild savory flavor.


Shiitake mushrooms are packed with umami flavor. They are savory and meaty.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Lions' Mane

Can help improve cognitive function and neurological issues, supports neuron growth, and mental health. Lion's Mane Dual Extract Tincture


can help protect against some cancers, support the liver, and reduce allergies. Reishi has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Turkey Tail

can help slow the progression of some cancers and has antioxidant properties, supports the immune systems


may have anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, can help increase energy levelsCordyceps Dual Extract Tincture

Learn more about medicinal mushrooms here.

Check out the Hodgins Harvest recipe blog, Umami Tsunami! On this blog you can find delicious dishes made with Hodgins dried mushrooms, learn how to rehydrate them (hint: cook them in hot liquid), or find recipes for fresh mushrooms you can grow yourself with a grow kit!

What are grow kits?

These grow kits contain 6.5lbs of certified organic mushroom mycelium (the root like structure that mushrooms grow out of), enough to grow 3+ pounds of mushrooms. To use these kits, just pull the cardboard circle off the back of the kit, mist it 2-3 times a day and you'll have your own crop of fresh oyster mushrooms in 5-10 days. All kits come with a misting bottle, humidity dome and detailed directions in the top of the box. 

You can get up to 4 batches of mushrooms with these grow kits!

Organic Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit Images taken from

Brins Jam, Brooklyn

Brins makes jam out of Brooklyn, marrying high quality spices and fruits, focusing on small batches and high quality ingredients. Try some of Brins unique flavors like sour cherry jam made with New York cherries and warming spices. 

Avital's Apiaries, Newfield

Avital's Apiaries is located in Newfield, NY. They have 30 acres of wildflowers and forest and make products out of ingredients from their hives and other local apiaries. Finding Avital's Apiaries at the Taste NY Store at the New York State Fair, I was excited to see a New York made lip balm made without plastic! We now carry their three lip balms, all packaged in a paper tube: Green Tea & Aloe, Propolis, Rosemary Mint. 

Their propolis lip balm is made from locally gathered propolis. Propolis is made from the resins from trees and flower buds collected by bees and mixed with enzymes made by bees, forming an antimicrobial in the hive, helping keep the bee hive healthy. Outside the hive, propolis is prized ingredient is used for its medicinal and antioxidant properties in various products.


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