November's New Store Products

As we near the holidays, be sure to stop by our store for your Thanksgiving desserts to wow your friends and family with a freshly baked pie, tart, or crisp. Our featured pies are from Katie Rose Bakery in Hopewell Junction, NY and Liberty Orchards in Highland, NY. Try our selection of pumpkin pies, apple pies, pear cranberry pie and apple crisps.  


To complement your holiday dishes, visit our store for inspiration. We bring in new products every month. October brought in a variety of new products we think you will love! Check them out below and see what they pair well with! Follow us on Instagram at @tastenytoddhill and tag us in your photos with these products for a feature!

Hawthorne Valley Spicy Kraut Juice 

Hawthorne Valley Farm, located in Ghent, NY is a biodynamic certified organic farm that produces organic dairy from a herd of 65 cows that are grass fed and pasture raised. They grow rye, 14 acres of vegetables, and raise beef steers, pigs and chickens. 


They source the vegetables for their fermented products from farms in New York that practice organic and regenerative agriculture. 

What does biodynamic mean? Hawthorne Valley sees the farm as a living organism that maintains its health from the living dynamics from the farm, instead of from chemical inputs. Biodynamic farming seeks to promote the biodiversity of the farm by including wild areas and boosting the health of the soil through low-tilling, cover crops, livestock integration, and compost. It also focuses on reducing the climate impact of the farm by drawing down carbon from the air into the soil. Learn more here.  

Hawthorne Valley's Kraut Juice is a tangy sauerkraut juice from raw and wild sauerkraut juice that gives a health dose of probiotics. Take it as a shot or use it in salad dressings. 

Sfoglini Pastas

Sfoglini Pastas are made with organic grains from North American farms and packaged in the Hudson Valley. We sell NY Whole Grain Reginetti and Whole Grain Radiators made with Hard Red Wheat from the Hudson Valley. This pasta will go great with our next new item: Vine Street Café Pasta Sauce!

Vine Street Café Sauces

From Shelter Island, Vine Street Café offers products made with ingredients from nearby farms to bring restaurant quality flavors to your home. Try the Mushroom Bolognese sauce for a vegan alternative to traditional Bolognese. Mix it with other vegetables and a vegan cream sauce to top your pasta dishes. The Heirloom Tomato Sauce is made with local heirloom tomatoes harvested in season. The North Fork Chunky Vegetable Sauce captures the seasonal freshness of vegetables from the North Fork of Long Island. 


Their steak sauce goes well with steak, lamb, poultry and pork. Try it in marinades, dipping sauces, and vinaigrettes!

The Blue Canoe Coffee Barbeque Sauce is a perfect tangy and smoky addition to anything grilled. 

Saratoga Garlic 

Saratoga Garlic is a 10 acre family farm located outside Saratoga Springs. They have been growing garlic and sustainably producing garlic products for over 20 years. Garlic not only tastes great, it has anti-microbial and immune system boosting health benefits. 

Try our Saratoga Garlic Aioli on sandwiches and meats.

Beth's Farm Kitchen, Old Chatham, NY

Beth's Farm Kitchen has been making jams, chutneys and jellies since 1981. They pride themselves in connecting customers with local farms in the Hudson Valley. 

We carry Pumpkin Butter and Lemon Curd. 

Try the Pumpkin Butter on toasted Brioche, in baked goods, as a topping, with cheese, or in cocktails!

Try the lemon curd on pancakes, waffles, with yogurt and granola, one cake or ice cream, in crepes, or with cheese. 

Hodgins Harvest Mushrooms Grow Kits


Hodgins Harvest is located in Rockland County, NY. They grow certified organic mushrooms, including oyster, lion's mane, black poplar, chestnut & other specialty mushrooms. Each mushroom variety has its own special taste and health benefits. Try lion's mane to support neuronal and cognitive health as well as for its crab and lobster like flavor. Try oyster mushrooms for heart and immune health or its almost seafood like flavor. Chestnut mushrooms have a sweet nutty flavor. Buy a grow kit to experience the satisfaction of growing your own mushrooms easily from home!

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