Valentine's Day Chocolates!

This year we are bringing in Valentine's Day specialty chocolate that are only around for the season! Stop by today to grab these goodies before we sell out!

Treats from Raaka in Brooklyn, NY

Raspberry Waffle Cone

This crisp chocolate waffle cone cookie is set in a pink, raspberry infused vegan white chocolate. 

Sweet and Salty Coconut Milk Mini Chocolate Bars 

Caramelized sugar and toasted coconut are a perfect match. This creamy, milky, vegan chocolate is borderline buttery when it melts on your palate. A sprinkle of pink sea salt and a dash of vanilla rounds out the flavor, giving you a little bit of everything in one bite. Each bar is wrapped in a sweet or salty message, so pass them along to your friends, loved ones, or someone you've been admiring. All Raaka chocolate is unroasted to bring out the flavors of the cacao beans' fermentation profile.

Images taken from

Treats from Chocolat Moderne in New York City


Baby, You're The One

From "This Valentine’s Day assortment has dark, white and milk chocolate hearts with pink and red swirls that look like roses whose petals are unfolding. But, amidst so much beauty, one radiant red heart stands out!  Isn’t that what love is all about?  The crimson red heart is “Baby”, filled with dark ganache laced with Hudson Whiskey NY Bourbon. The white chocolate hearts are filled with The Lover (passion fruit cardamom caramel), the dark hearts -  with Raspberry Rendez-vous ganache, and the milk hearts - with sea salted caramel."


From "Beautiful, profoundly dark chocolate hearts filled with delicately scented dark ganaches. Oyasumi Orange dark ganache with orange zest and ginger, Shiso Lime dark ganache infused with Japanese shiso leaf and lime,  Blush (pure 64% Madagascan ganache, Don Juan (pure 72% Venezuelan ganache),  Raspberry Rendez-vous (dark 64% Madagascan ganache with raspberries), The Player (dark 72% Venezuelan ganache with single malt scotch)."

Wild Balsamic Strawberry Cordials

From "Wild strawberries are a heavenly fruit, and we are thrilled to add them to our cordial collection.  Each confection has an entire strawberry floating in a strawberry syrup topped off with a splash of fine balsamic vinegar from Modena.  This 6-Piece Sleeve has six Wild Strawberry Balsamic cordials covered in creamy milk chocolate."

The Cordials are great with cocktails, champagne, and sparkling wines.

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